Uro-oncology deals with cancers of the urinary system and male reproductive system. These include cancer of the kidney, adrenal gland, ureter, bladder, prostate, urethra, penis, and testis. Our center offers comprehensive management of these cancers.

Some urology cancers may show signs and symptoms such as pain in the back, blood in urine, difficulty in passing urine or a lump in the testis. However, many early prostate cancers do not have any symptoms and are only diagnosed after an abnormal routine blood test called PSA (prostate cancer marker). Large kidney cancers may be silent and diagnosed during a scan of the abdomen.

Treatment of uro oncology conditions has improved dramatically in the last decade. Many cancers are diagnosed in the early stage and surgical removal of the organ or part of the organ has given the patient a chance of cure. Surgical techniques have improved with the advancement in laparoscopy surgery (keyhole surgery), endoscopy surgery (scope surgery without a surgical cut) and robotic onco surgery in Delhi. Hence, surgical outcomes are much better; causes less pain and quicker recovery for the patient.
As a result of extensive medical research, we have a better understanding of cancer behavior and are able to fine-tune our treatment to each cancer, giving the optimal result. This has necessitated the close collaboration between the uro oncologist in Delhi (urology surgeon and usually the main doctor), medical oncologist and radiation oncologist.
Cancers with previously poor outcomes have been successfully treated with a combination of planned surgery followed by chemotherapy or radiation.